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Onecli. Creator

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Play, create your IT world and earn cryptocurrency!

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  • for downloading on Windows

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About us

Onecli. Creator Metaverse

In our virtual MMO metaverse, you can find, mine, collect various resources and artifacts, craft, mine and create your own NFT tokens in the form of digital products by implementing your virtual business in our online game. NFT is a non-fungible token or unique token.

The whole uniqueness is that the in-game digital products you create will have a real market value, thanks to which players will be able to develop their characters, shape the economy of the virtual state and earn Ethereum (ETH) or Binance coin (BNB).

Get your character and start building your own civilization on an ancient island nation that has its own legend and secret left by the ancient inhabitants of these islands. Create your clan, build a base with a warehouse, master a profession and progress, developing your business by establishing market relations between other players. Welcome to the Onecli. Creator world.

0.5 ETH

warning! Register an account, download the Beta version of the game on Windows and start creating your own civilization. All received resources and items that you get and buy in the Beta version are saved to your character on an ongoing basis and will always be available, up to the release version of the game and after.

Get resources

On the islands, you can get a lot of different and rare resources that will help you survive and protect your clan.

Craft items

Create a variety of items from the extracted or purchased resources, buy goods from players, rebuild your cities.

Create NFT

You can mint virtual items into NFT tokens and sell them to other players, while earning cryptocurrency.

100m tokens
10% Seed round
5% Ecosystem fund
10% Private round
20% Play to earn
1% Public round
2% Airdrop
8% Liquidit & listings
11.2% Staking NFT
16% Team & advisors
16.8% Staking tokens


Onecli. Creator


Genre: MMORPG | Sandbox
Stylistics: Modern
Platform: PC
Type: ММО (Massively Multiplayer Online Game)
Features: Online, Adventure, Roleplay, ММО, Simulator, Early access, Open world

Alternative reality. Modernity, our days. The corporations of the largest countries, in pursuit of money, power and total control of the population, by their rash actions, made a number of catastrophic mistakes, which led to the collapse of all states and world social collapse.

The biggest mistake the government made was the creation in secret laboratories of a deadly virus called "CoraVirus" and a vaccine against this virus, in order to reduce the population and introduce new tools of public control, but something went wrong...

The pandemic destroyed most of the civilized world, the fall of human society took place, characterized by the loss of cultural identity and socio-economic development, which caused the world currency exchange to collapse like a house of cards, which subsequently led to an increase in violence, looting, gender and racial confrontations, and mass degradation. The world plunged into chaos...

After the collapse of society and the world currency exchange, many knowledge and technologies were lost, the usual image of values for people radically changed, everyone tried to survive at any cost. The means of payment between the survivors were the newly created Bitereum cryptocurrency, which allows international trade with inhabited continents, as well as precious stones and metals.

The remaining survivors, who had natural immunity to the virus and higher intelligence, after a global catastrophe united into various factions, organized communes and continued their survival in the "dead" states, finding and collecting food, resources, remaining technologies and weapons. Whoever has more weapons and resources is stronger, so stronger communes attack and took resources from weaker communes and took over their territories.

The most desperate survivors, who did not want to accept the rules of aggressive communes, organized themselves into groups of nomads, left their native lands and went to sea, in search of new places for survival, untouched by the pandemic and chaos. After many months of sea voyages, one of these groups stumbled upon the purest land, filled with flora, but without any signs of human life. It was an abandoned ancient island state of several islands, on which nomads decided to settle.

In the process of their founding and development on the islands, nomads began to find various structures, buildings and artifacts, indicating that earlier on these lands lived ancient civilizations, hieroglyphically reminiscent of the civilizations of the Maya and Ancient Egypt. But the strangest thing is that the found blueprints for the construction technologies of these civilizations, in terms of the level of development, were hundreds of times superior to the construction technologies of our time.

In the modern world, before the global catastrophe, there was some material on the Internet that says that a very developed civilization lived on Earth for many tens or even hundreds of thousands of years, only now this information has been lost due to the inactivity of millions of servers around the world.

It was believed that the ancient priests and masters of such civilizations possessed perfect technologies, tools and knowledge, which they decided to encrypt in the form of hieroglyphic writing and hide for posterity in their unique architecture. What does the island hide and what is its secret?

The uniqueness of the island also lies in the fact that it is not displayed on modern GPS trackers and the island archipelago itself has 4 seasonal locations: summer (tropics, rocks, waterfalls), winter (mountains, forests), spring and autumn (fields, plains, hills, lakes).


The player arrives on the island in a motor boat, having with them a backpack and several random things. Someone has an apple, three cans of canned food, a first-aid kit, a knife, someone has a hammer, a rag, a bottle of water, matches and a flashlight. In addition to random things in the backpack, all players have a mobile phone that is empty. The player is wearing clothes and a GPS tracker.


A new, cleanest and uninhabited location with virgin nature and various ancient architectural buildings and sculptures, in which the knowledge of developed civilizations and blueprints of unique technologies that will allow you to create objects and devices that have not yet been invented in modern times are hidden.

Perhaps one of the best players, through long research, will be able to collect the rarest artifacts and blueprints that will reveal the main secret of the creation of our universe and allow us to move to a higher level of human development, which, according to legends and myths, possessed the inhabitants of the most ancient advanced civilizations. An open world full of mysteries and secrets, complete freedom of action and constant development!

There are also more modern houses on the islands, built by visiting nomads who founded a small settlement on the island of several residential buildings, shops, a hospital, checkpoints and a market.

The player opens up a new world, where, having certain knowledge and some resources, he can start his development from scratch in a PURE AND UNTOUCHED STATE! Develop alone or organize into communes, explore the island, mine and find resources, artifacts and blueprints.

Each blueprint will allow you to learn a new skill or activity, thanks to which you can create new items. In the course of the game, the directions of activity will constantly increase. Start production, establish trade, communication, open any business that you would like to study and promote your business. The player will always have a choice of how to act, namely: develop using force or a creative approach, take or negotiate, steal or gift.


#ONECLI.CREATOR - official development of the Onecli. company. For all questions and suggestions, use the feedback form below.

Questions & Answers


What is Onecli. Creator ?

Onecli. Creator is a gaming NFT project of the Onecli. ecosystem. In other words, a massively multiplayer role-playing (MMORPG) online game in the Survival genre.

What is Onecli Token and Onecli Coin in game ?

Onecli Token is a non-cryptocurrency gaming unit of account designed to represent a digital balance in some asset, in other words, acting as a “securities substitute” in the digital world. Tokens are an entry in a ledger distributed on a blockchain.
Onecli Coin is an in-game virtual unit of account for performing transactions that simulate the functions of a money exchange between players for the provision of certain services or the provision of in-game resources.

On which blockchain contract is Onecli Token formed ?

The gaming Onecli Token contract is based on the blockchain of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

What are quests ?

Quests are a set of algorithmic tasks that the player needs to complete in order to receive certain bonuses, which can be presented in various variations: reward with an in-game accounting unit, reward with a resource, reward with a skill to increase the player’s skills and parameters, and so on.

How to buy in-game items ?

The store of items presented on behalf of the game administration is located in your personal account on the Internet at: and is available for purchase through the MetaMask crypto wallet. The price for items, respectively, is displayed in the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

What is an exchange ?

The in-game exchange is the place where Onecli Creator players buy and sell resources and items. All transactions are made exclusively through the transfer of the in-game virtual currency Onecli Coin.

What is NFT ?

NFT is a non-fungible token, it is a unit of account with which a digital impression is created for any unique item, any in-game content that claims to be at least some kind of uniqueness.

How to mint crafted game items in NFT ?

In order to give your item the status of an NFT token, you need to open a special interaction window, select a specific item from your inventory, set your price and click on the "Mint NFT" button. For the minting process, you need to pay the fees of the Ethereum network (GAS), after which your item will be presented on the NFT platform with NFT status.

What is a clan ?

A clan in the game is a formed society/group of players that has previously agreed on the creation of this association and the choice of a clan leader. Creating a clan is paid. Permission is purchased in the store in your account on the site

What is crafting and tuning in the game ?

Crafting is the process of forming a new item from certain resources. After the creation procedure is completed, a new item appears in the warehouse.
Tuning is the process of improving items, their indicators, properties and characteristics. Tuning is carried out in a separate window inside the game and takes a certain amount of time, depending on the selected tuning option.